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Welcome & Congratulations!

To introduce myself, I am the Rev. Ronald Turcot, D. Div.,  joyfully and consistently, celebrating romantic, meaningful, and inspirational wedding ceremonies, almost every day,- all year long.  One of the many importanr decisions you must make about your wedding ceremony is "who will perform your wedding."  I will do everything possible to ensure that your ceremony creates a precious memory and reflects your values and beliefs.  In addition, I am privileged and honored  to work with the finest event and wedding planners, the management of resort hotels, as well as at beach locations, Parks, military based chapels, regular churches, restaurants, museums, cruise ships, aquariums, theatres and just about any place you wish to hold your service.   I will be officiating most all of the weddings that "Tampa Wedding Officiants"  is called to conduct.  However, there are times when a member of my clergy team's services are specifically requested, such as a  Catholic Priest, a Rabbi or other denominational Minister.  A lovely framable "keepsake wedding certificate" with the raised gold seal of this ministry, including  the signatures of your witnesses as well as the Officiant is available..   The fee is only Twenty ($20.00) Dollars.  My goal is to for you to be as excited  and pleased about your"special day" as you are about your love for each other. 
I work to alleviate the worries a wedding can bring,  transforming your dreams into a spectacular and memorable wedding day for you and your guests.  I have the contacts, capabilities, and working experience to refer only experienced and professional wedding vendor services, (such as caterers, florists, entertainers, disc jockeys, bands, venues, etc.).  This service is FREE to my clients.
In order to serve the needs of "engaged couples" seeking to be married,  I have obtained the services of additional ordained clergymen with many years of experience having pastored their own "houses of worship" and now semi-retired, serve the wedding industry.  They are also available as my  "back-up officiants"  in the unlikely event of an emergency.  However, we are well prepared for such an instance, if it should ever occur.  No bride is ever left behind without the benefit of clergy.  The wedding will go as planned regardless!  I work hand-in-hand with you and your fiance' from the early wedding planning stages to the actual wedding day to ensure success.


There is a significant amount of reading to be done on this and subsequent pages and it was put there to give you valuable information you will most likely need.  Most wedding officiants  will NOT offer this as it makes the website bigger, however, this is designed to assist you in planning your wedding ceremony.  Your wedding is very important to you and I know that you'll need all the professional help you can get.   May God Bless you and yours.


Renewal of Vows, Baptisms and Elopements are also welcome!  Short notices are OK.   "Engaged Couples"  of all faiths are encouraged  to call and are very welcome.  Wedding prayers can be spoken in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.   We are not judgemental nor care about your past or present lifestyle.  The last individual who had the authority to judge others left this earth over 2000 years ago.  Since then, NO ONE has had that right.  We are a relaxed, gentle and accepting  ministry.  Between us, we offer you over 200 years of knowledge and experience.  For more information, please call Rev. Ronald Turcot at (727) 871-9900.

In addition to my 42 years of experience,  I offer a vast research library of wedding services, representing most of all the faiths, customs, and traditions practiced world-wide.  My years of  pastoral experience, along with advanced faith-based university degrees  and in-depth seminary training,  has enabled me to provide a wide variety of services to include Religious, Traditional, Non-denominational, Mixed-faith, Multicultural, Themed and Military as well as Secular ceremonies.   Be sure to call me at (727) 871-9900 for a FREE Consultation and planning meeting without obligation.
My "Privacy Policy" guarantees that this ministry will never sell, distribute, share or otherwise divulge ANY information of any kind to anyone,  regarding my clients identity or business dealings.  That's the way my bridal couples  prefer it and that's the way it will be.
Dear Dr. Turcot,
What is the core to a wedding?  Certainly it is both the bride and the groom,  But, with just as much weight, it is the officiant, for he provides the structure, tone, emotion and feel of the event.  Last month was wonderful!  And so much of that wonder was because of you, Dr. Turcot.  Let us assure you of that.  We seriously searched for someone just like you.  It was meant to be.  "Thank you" doesn't come close  and sounds too simple to properly express the depth of gratitude that we feel.   "Thank You"  comes not from just from Michael and I, but also from each of our family members.  You connected with each of them and gave them all the special gift of your presence.   Thank you for your wisdom, words, gracious facillitation and gentle kindness.  
                                                                                      Warmest Regards,
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Roseann Caravello

It is always an honor and a privilege to help a bridal couple create their own special and personal wedding ceremony that reflects  their wishes, needs and interests.  You may want to decide exactly what type of ceremony you want; large or small, formal or casual.  You may want your ceremony to be laced with tradition; to be filled with the personal touches that show the qualities and individualities of the two of you.   You may know exactly what you want, but if not, I can provide some direction.  As we work together, we will craft a ceremony that you and your guests will always remember and cherish.  I will assist you in every way to help plan your "special day."  Be sure to call Rev. Ronald Turcot at: 727-871-9900.
My approach to ceremonies, consistent with my philosophy, is that the service belongs to the bridal couple.  No one can dictate the content of the ceremony.  It's your wedding!  You are in charge of who participates in it, how it goes and to a large extent what is said.  As an Ordained Officiant, my role is to make sure you develop and create the right wedding ceremony.  As we work together to craft your ceremony, I will make suggestions based on my expertise and 42 years of experience.  There are different ways that the various elements of a ceremony might best flow together.  However, the final decision always remains with you.

9:00 A.M. TO 9:00 P.M.   We are available all year long - Monday to Sunday.  However, Christmas eve, Christmas day, Thanksgiving day,  New Year's day and eve., and Easter are NOT available. Call for information at (727) 871-9900.  If you call later than 9:00 P.M..,  I  WILL call you back the very next day. GUARANTEED!
No day is more memorable or special than your wedding day.  There will be many special days in your life and moments to remember, but your wedding day is one you can plan together.  It should be a day filled with love, family, friends, and joyful memories.  Record it with photographs and videos.  Fill it with music and dancing.  Celebrate it with food and gifts.  Sanctify it with the presence of God.  And plan it with each other in mind.
Every wedding ceremony is unique.  They are all special and different.  There are no generic ceremonies just as there are no generic people.  Each person is unique and individual and so is each wedding ceremony.  Yet, each person has some similarities  and so does each wedding ceremony
It has come to my attention that there are many men and women  that are advertising on websites and other forms of media, who are NOT members of the "real" clergy and are advertising they are available to perform weddings.  These people, in almost every case, received their "ordination" from an "internet church" that will sell them a document that states they are "ordained ministers."   Unfortunately, the U.S. government is forced to recognize their questionable mail order ordination,  BUT,  these people do NOT possess any theological or seminary training from any duly accredited  divinity school or university.   However, They have the same rights to perform your wedding by simple sending  a $50.00 fee to obtain an "ordination certificate", and  calling themslves "reverend"  without any additional formal training.    My ordination took me 7 years of university & seminary schooling to acquire the advanced theological degrees required for my profession.  Without any formal training, these folks  can really "mess up" your  wedding ceremony and when your wedding is over, ...it's OVER.  there are NO do-overs.  What ever mistakes occur during your wedding ceremony,  you will have to live with.  Your guests will also remember your wedding for  years  after its over. This sad situation occurs all TOO often. Your wedding day should be memorable for all the RIGHT  reasons.  Ask any officiant  you are considering to book as your officiant, ...WHO and from WHERE did they receive their ordination?  Did they attend and graduate from a seminary or attend a theological university?   These are important questions for you to ask.  You have the right to know.   Your wedding day is one of the most important times in your life. 
* Your wedding will probably be well photgraphed.
* Your wedding ceremony may be video-taped.
* Everyone will be watching and listening to you LIVE.
* You rally want to say it well.
* You do not want to mess up.
* AND,  you don't get a second chance, if you do mess up.
SO ....
* Hire an Minister-Officiant with many years of wedding ceremony experience.
* Make a decent investment in hiring the right Officiant, early in your planning stage.
* Know that you have done your best to prepare.
* Show your fiance' that you really care.
You will spend hundreds of dollars on a wedding dress that you will only wear one time, hundreds on a cake you will only eat one bite from,  thousands on a place to hold your wedding,   reception,  and rehearsal,  thousands on food and drink,  and only a few hundred for your Officiant, the one man that can bring you together as husband and wife.
BUT THE WORDS YOU SAY TO EACH OTHER ON YOUR WEDDING DAY ARE EVERLASTING!  Choose them well and with care.  Speak not only from your heart, but with your eyes, as they are the windows to your soul.  Remember, proper planning prevents poor performance!
At our FREE - No obligation consultation & friendly get-acquainted meeting,  I will want to know your wishes, dreams and requirements to ensure your "special day" is an absolute success.  To accomplish this requires an Officiant who has acquired many years of experience as well as having mastered the art of being a "good listener."    When the consultation is complete, I will have entered all the information that was discussed onto my wedding worksheet.  This enables me to thoroughly research and prepare your wedding service.  I'll  then send you the completed ceremony for you and yours to review.  This can be done via e-mail, postal mail or fax.   Upon your reviewing and approving the ceremony, you will then  sign off on it.  This procedure also allows the engaged couple to  make corrections, deletions  or add something new to their ceremony.  This usually happens weeks or months prior to the actual wedding date.  I will always do your wedding your way!  There will never be any surprises not already planned in advance.  GUARANTEED!   
NOTE:  This ministry does NOT perform same-gender wedding ceremonies.  Sorry, but there are No exceptions!  For additional information:   Call Rev. Ronald Turcot at (727)  871-9900.
If you find that your circumstances won't permit an in-person consultation, I can conduct a complete in-depth interview using the telephone.  We can also exchange information by E-mail, Fax, or the U.S. Mail.  There is never a  fee for this service, however in order to book my services, a  fifty ($50.00) dollar non-refundable deposit will be required.  CALL:  Rev. Ronald Turcot at (727) 871-9900.  Be sure to read the "FAQ"  page for more information and details.

Your children from previous marriages / unions are welcome and encouraged to participate in your wedding ceremony.  They are recognized and honored as important members of the newly blended family.  In many instances, a gift, such as a "family medallion"  can be awarded to the children.  I am available to conduct your rehearsal, at an affordable fee of $ 75.00.
NOTE:  Be sure to fully review this website for money-saving tips and helpful information for stress - free planning.  Any Qustions?  Call me at (727) 871-9900

Usually, I will speak your vows in four (4)  word increments and the bride and groom will simply repeat them after me.  Never attempt to memorize vows!  Many couples wish to write their own "private" vows to say to each other BEFORE the actual vows are given them by an Officiant.  Other bridal couples prefer to write their own vows to be spoken by the wedding Officiant.  Vows and readings are available through our ministry, absolutely free.   I  support BOTH methods.  There are many vows available on the internet, in our files and in public libraries.  Engaged couples should research carefully before deciding on the one that states what they feel and can identify with.  Just be sure I have a copy of those vows before the wedding day. During the wedding, I usually ask the bridal couple to face each other and hold hands throughout the entire ceremony. No one's back is ever to your guests. Your guests want to see your eyes talking to one another, especially during your vows.  The emotion is really memorable!  Your photographer should capture those wonderful emotions on film.
I strongly recommend that as soon as you have set a date, time, and have also established the ceremony venue location, that you should immediately call to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION with me.  If you drag your feet on this part, it could mean the difference between finding a quality Officiant or someone that is not a real professional and there lies the REAL reason why some officiants are still available.  Quality and professionalism go hand in hand!   Professional  clergy wedding Officiants  are in high demand  and  usually "booked" a full year to eighteen (18) months in advance.  Common mistakes that  brides commit , is to call and simply inquire about my fees.  They don't bother to ask anything about my experience,  (42  years),  my background, education, or other important questions.
Many brides will simply choose  an Officiant  because he or she quoted a very low fee.   In this world, you get what you pay for!  Proper planning is very, very important.  Too many things can go wrong at a wedding and those challenges emerge  because of poor planning and your not taking the time to do the research.  Once your wedding is "over", ...that's it!  If there were mistakes made, it cannot be undone.  There are NO do-overs in a wedding ceremony.  I recommend NOT to take unnecessary  risks  just to save a few dollars.   Regardless of  the size of your wedding,  the fee will always be the same because the neccesary efforts  by the officiant will still require the same amount of careful quality work and research on his part,  just as if it were for a large event.  The ceremony service will be the same.  Please feel free to call Rev. Ronald Turcot at (727)  871-9900 with any questions.
A fee of Two-Hundred & Fifty ($ 250.00) Dollars is charged  for a Wedding Service.   The number of guests attending or how large your wedding is will have NO bearing on my fee.  If there is to be a REHEARSAL, the fee is only Seventy-Five  ($ 75.00) Dollars additional, regardless of the size of your wedding party.  There are NO hidden fees...ever.   When we meet for our FREE-NO OBLIGATION  Consultation, a  deposit of only Fifty  ($ 50.00) dollars will be due,  if you decide to retain my services.  That deposit is then deducted from the final balance due at the wedding.   Therefore, if you hired me just for a ceremony,  the outstanding balance would be only  Two - Hundred ($200.00) Dollars, which is due at the wedding venue upon my arrival OR you may decide to pre-pay before the  wedding day.  The original deposit is "Non-refundable"  if you should decide to cancell my services prior to OR within sixty (60) calendar days of  your wedding date.  The reason for that is because I could have booked another wedding in its place and would not have lost the revenue.  However, if  emergency circumstances prevent you from holding the wedding ceremony on the planned date,  and you wish to have your wedding at a future date,  then your deposit WILL remain in force  and will be applied to the NEW date.  The NEW & future date cannot exceed nine (9) calendar months from your original date or the deposit will be forfeited.   CALL Rev. Ronald Turcot for more details:  (727)  871-9900.
There are many reasons why couples renew their wedding vows.  Renewal of Vows ceremonies are often used by couples who marry at a courthouse - who now want a more meaningful ceremony.  Renewal of Vows ceremonies are often given as gifts by children to their parents as a way of saying  "thank you" -  in return for all the time and expense the parents put into their wedding.  A "renewal of vows" ceremony  can be as formal or casual as you wish.  Finally, a Renewal of Vows ceremony is also an excellent opportunity to involve the children - young or old  including  their  grand children,  in the ceremony via a lighting of the Unity Candles, a Sand Ceremony or an  exchange of roses, or a piece of jewelry, etc.
These ceremonies are arranged the same as a wedding, however there are no legal requirements.  Considerable time is spent with the couple discussing the content of their ceremony and how it is to be presented.  I will draft the ceremony and check back with the couple to ensure it expresses their views accurately.
At the time of the ceremony, I spend  a little time reflecting on your history, revisit the important events along the way. (eg. birth of your children, relocation of your home) - anything that has helped shape your lives together.  Some couples may wish to say the same vows they made to each other on their wedding day or perhaps write new vows.  Rings are exchanged using either the original wedding rings or new ones.  You may even be able to gather the original wedding party.  To mark the event, you will receive a lovely "keepsake certificate" which shows your original marriage date, place, etc.....and then gives the details of this celebration.  As with your original Certificate of Marriage, there is a space for your signatures, your witnesses and that of the officiant.  

*   St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (A.S.P.C.A.)
Domestic Violence Shelters for Women & Children
*  The U.S. Chaplains Corps  (Disaster Response Teams)
*  Fraternal Order of Police & Fire Chaplains
*  American Society of Hospice Chaplains
*  National Alliance of Interfaith Clergy
*  Intnl. Association of Wedding Clergy
*  National Association of Wedding Officiants
*  National Association of Wedding Professionals
* The American Assn. of Christian Chaplains
* American Assn. of Christian Counselors

UPDATE:  Tampa Wedding Officiants is pleased and honored to announce clergy additions to our staff.
The Most Rev. Ronald K. Pace
Arch-Bishop, The Holy Apostolic Catholic Church
The Rev. Wayne Stallsmith  (Ret'd.)
Inter-denominational Minister



Rev. Dr. Ronald R. Turcot

Rev. Wayne Stallsmith

CATHOLIC ARCH-BISHOP / Holy Apostolic Church
Most Rev. Fr. Ronald K. Pace


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Sometimes, enormous diplomacyis necessaryto bridge the different worlds that are being united by the union of a man and a woman in marriage.  There are times when the couple, in order to claim the space in this world for their union, must willingly go into some dicey territory.  It is best for the couple to anticipate and address whatever emotional,dogmatic, or ideological conflicts might arise that could put a damper on their day.  There are obvious limits to this, but it is important to at least deal with known issues within families.  Conflicts are part of the iniation process of marriage.  Consider the couple who avoided telling her conservative parents that the groom's mother was a lesbian and would attend the wedding with her partner.  As it turned out, the bride's father and groom's mother and her partner met at the rehearsal, creating an unnecessarily awkward moment for all of them.  So, don't avoid potentially difficult family issues or situations.  Instead, be brave and address them head-on.

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Sometimes, enormous diplomacy is necessary to bridge the different worlds that are being united by the union of a man and a woman in marriage.There are times when the couple, in order to claim the space in this world for their union, must willingly go into some dicey territory.  i is best for the couple to anticipate and address whatever emotional, dogmatic, or ideological conflicts might arise that could put a damper in their day.

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